Opinion on the surge of omicron variant​

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Opinion on the surge of omicron variant​

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The surge on the omicron variant is very much alarming where in the documented cases per day increases in a very significant number which tell that many Filipinos get the infection and spreads it very fast. Also the department of health again fails to secure the spread of the said variant which is from other country. Concerned agencies should be more intensive in terms of implementing the rules and guidelines about the quarantine protocols for those that are coming from other countries and will be spending their quarantine time in the Philippines. The hotel or the facility where an individual will spend his or her quarantine should be also responsible for safety specially if that person will breach the quarantine protocol. Both the hotel and the person should be held liable if the quarantine protocol is not followed and cause much infection to other person as same to what happened in the incident for an OFW who breached or didn’t finish her quarantine as she attended a dinner party and she cause the spread of infection to those people that are in that event. Incidents like this should be documented and shouldn’t be taken lightly because many people’s health are being affected and not all have the capacity to have an immediate medical  response or service.



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